Huge US Title Match Announced For Next Week's Raw

AJ Styles is not afraid to put his US Title on the line against Braun Strowman, and The Monster Among Men is not afraid of being outnumbered.

Now that Brock Lesnar has been banished and we once again have an everpresent Universal Champion, we want to know who's next for Seth Rollins. There are a handful of viable challengers for The Architect, but we're not sure who WWE views as being the number one choice. It gave us a hint on Raw this week, but nothing concrete.

Rollins opened Raw and shortly after he started addressing the WWE Universe, he was interrupted by AJ Styles and The OC. That interruption culminated in a match being booked later that evening. As usual, Gallows & Anderson wound up interfering and helping Styles out. However, it seems as if Rollins now has a couple of allies in the form of Ricochet and Braun Strowman.

RUMOR: Braun Strowman Will Be Seth Rollins Next Challenger

Ricochet's inclusion wasn't a surprise considering his run-ins with The OC recently. However, we were excited to see Strowman get involved. It won't be a one-off either. After The OC was chased off by the trio of misfits, Styles issued a challenge to The Monster Among Men backstage. Next week on Raw, The Phenomenal One will put his US Title on the line for a chance to get Strowman one-on-one.

Trouble is, it isn't going to be one-on-one. Strowman is well aware of that as he proved on Twitter. The former strong man replied to Styles' challenge, questioning whether The OC really has strength in numbers if he is bigger than all three of them? Now that Strowman has accepted, the stage is set, and Raw's Resident Monster has a chance to win his first singles title in WWE.

We have been watching WWE for long enough that we won't be getting our hopes up with this one, though. Odds are Gallows & Anderson will get involved once again and the match will be thrown out. At that point, Rollins and Ricochet will pitch in and we're assuming the title match will become a six-man tag. Fingers crossed WWE doesn't go down that incredibly easy and predictable route.

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