AJ Styles Hinting at Club Faction Reunion on Social Media

AJ Styles took to social media on Wednesday and hinted at the idea a Club faction reunion in WWE with Finn Balor and The Good Brothers.

With the Superstar Shake-up coming to Raw and SmackDown next week, AJ Styles and Finn Balor may be among the many names and faces switching brands on the regular as the red and blue brands try to reshape their rosters. For Styles, apparently, he has a way he'd like to see the dominos fall when all is said and done.

Styles took to social media on Wednesday and suggested he'd like to see a reunion that's just  "Too Sweet" and one that would include himself, Finn Balor and The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows all as part of one big group. Undoubtedly, the fans would love that too.

The group known as the Club goes way back to these four working together in NJPW as the Bullet Club. Long-time friends from Japan, Styles and the Good Brothers are still extremely close and Balor would add to that group and make them one of the more popular factions in WWE, perhaps rivaling the Shield.

When Anderson and Gallows first showed up in WWE, there were hints at a Club group led by a heel AJ Styles. Finn Balor was never part of that conversation and when Styles then moved to SmackDown the closest fans got to see of Balor and Styles working together was after their memorable one-on-one match where they held up their Too Sweet fingers in a showing of respect.

What This Means

Calling upon the days when factions would face each other, this could be a big win for WWE and their new deal with FOX if all four men mind up on SmackDown Live. The Superstar Shake-up is a great way to introduce new ideas and stories and The Club getting back together would be nothing short of awesome for the fan base who still find it hard to believe that WWE has had one of the greatest wrestling factions within their roster and has yet to take advantage of it.

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