Rumor: AJ Styles Hurt At Live Event, Severity Unknown

Depending on what comes down the pipeline form WWE in the next few days, the Wrestlemania 34 title picture could look vastly different from what we were expecting as AJ Styles may be injured.

As reported PWInsider, news has recently come out that an injury sustained at a house show in Madison Square Garden may throw a wrench in the advertised card, leaving very little time to find a suitable replacement match before next month’s event. This could have huge implications on the entire post-Wrestlemania landscape as well, depending on the severity of the injury.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles came down to the ring to save his Wrestlemania opponent Shinsuke Nakamura from an attack by Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn on Saturday. Owens and Zayn quickly regained the upper hand and beat the pair down, hitting Styles with several chair shots before leaving.


On the March 13th episode of SmackDown!, Nakamura helped out Styles after he was attacked by Aiden English and Rusev. In returning the favor the next following weekend in New York, the Champion may have inadvertently jeopardized their long-awaited dream match that is slated to be an enormous part of Wrestlemania 34.

The match between Styles and Nakamura has been deemed a dream match ever since both Superstars arrived in the company. Even though the two have faced off before in NJPW, this would be the first time they would compete against each other in a WWE ring. There is no word yet on the status of the injury, though AJ Styles was backstage at Raw on Monday Night in Dallas to be evaluated by company doctors.

Nakamura became the last man in the ring at the Royal Rumble in January, granting him an opportunity to challenge for any title in the WWE. Unsurprisingly, he immediately chose AJ Styles and his belt. This decision delighted fans everywhere as the two wrestlers are widely considered to be the best performers in the world today. At Wrestle Kingdom 10, the pair fought an incredible match that paved the way for both to enter the WWE. Their latest showdown is expected to be even better and marks a change in how the company books their matches, leaning towards more athletic, high flying matches. Hopefully, after this week, we’ll know more about what Wrestlemania 34 will look like.

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