AJ Styles Says He Will Not Sign Another WWE Contract

AJ Styles recently signed a new 5-year contract with WWE. For fans who want to see him wrestle forever, the bad news is, this deal will be his last.

The Phenomenal One’s latest WWE contract was one that some weren't sure he'd sign. But, one day on social media he slipped in, with a photo of his pet, the fact he'd inked a new WWE deal. Fans were elated. That said, at 41-years-old he has now revealed this contract will be his last with WWE.

While speaking to Newsweek, Styles explained that at this stage in his career, he is winding down. Getting too old and too beat up to keep wrestling past the age of 46, this contract will see him close out his WWE career.  He said he is in the perfect place for him right now with WWE being so family oriented but all good things must come to an end. He said, "I have no problem taking my family to the shows. It’s a PG product, which I enjoy. I’m in the best place I can be for my career.”

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What This Means

This isn't really news. The announcement is, but the fact that Style was thinking about retirement shouldn't come as a shocker. He's been public about wanting to spend less time on the road and more with his family. In WWE Network specials, he's spoken about the hardships of trying to stay in ring shape considering his age.

Does this mean Styles will be done with wrestling, period? That wasn't brought up. There will certainly be interest from other promotions no matter how old he is, but the fact that he chose WWE over AEW at this stage in his career might mean this last deal will be it for him, outside of the odd public appearance or one-off match.

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