Aleister Black and Zelina Vega To Take Some Time Away From WWE

Aleister Black and new wife Zelina Vega might be out of WWE action for a while, but not for reasons most people might think.

The recently married couple have decided to take one-half of their honeymoon to Amsterdam and, as a result, will be missing some time from WWE. Vega posted the news on social media by writing, "A bit late but finally going on 1/2 of our honeymoon. Amsterdam here we come! ....and being off the grid for a little will be nice ;) *cue angry tweets*

Part of the reason Vega likely believes she'll get some angry tweets isn't just because fans will be sad to not see her or, perhaps more specifically newly called up Black on the roster but because the timing is such that it seems difficult to believe Black would be given a run with Ricochet as a tag team with the belts if he was going to miss any significant time on WWE programming.

This might not be a long trip and there was no indication as to how long they'd be away. One week, even two is not a terribly long time in the world of professional wrestling. That said, if WWE wants to give any hint as to the possibility of Ricochet and Black winning tag team gold, Vega and Black will need to take their trip and be back in time for a run towards WrestleMania 35.

What This Means

Really, this is great news for both Vega and Black. Wrestlers should get the time off needed to take their honeymoon and that it's coming so long after their wedding seems like a sacrifice they were willing to make so as to be available when WWE needed them.

Fans shouldn't be upset either one will be away for a bit. Instead, they should be congratulated.

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