We Won't Have To Wait Until Extreme Rules To Discover Aleister Black's New Nemesis

After insinuating that we'd have to wait until Extreme Rules to discover who has been knocking for Aleister Black, turns out we'll actually find out much earlier.

Aleister Black is an incredibly unique wrestler. Promoters saw that on the independent scene, Triple H knew it in NXT, now we're just hoping Vince McMahon follows suit. Black was introduced to the main roster earlier this year as part of a tag team alongside Ricochet. Now, it's time for him to show what he can do all by himself.

For the last couple of months, Black has only appeared on WWE TV from a darkened room. Speaking to the camera and questioning whether anyone on the WWE roster dare step to him. Eventually, someone came knocking on his door. However, at the time of typing this, we don't know who that someone is.

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Black hinted on SmackDown last week that his knocker would be revealed at Extreme Rules. However, WWE has since announced that their indetity will, in fact, become clear on Tuesday's SmackDown. The news was revealed on Twitter via WWE UK on Sunday morning. We're assuming that whoever it is, they will have a match with Black next Sunday at Extreme Rules.

As for who might have been knocking for Black two weeks ago, well, that is anyone's guess. Zelina Vega hinted, or perhaps even joked, that it could be Xavier Woods. However, the general consensus seems to be that it is Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has not wrestled a match on WWE TV for almost a year. If he doesn't compete soon then the former WWE Champion could well surpass that one-year threshold.

As much as we want to see Wyatt back in the ring, we personally hope he doesn't do battle with Black at Extreme Rules. Don't get us wrong, it is a match we are dying to see, but not with only five days and one show of build. Black versus Wyatt deserves a big stage. The least WWE can do is hold out until SummerSlam for that one.

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