Alex Nylander Discusses Brother William's Stalled Contract With Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander are negotiating a new contract well into the pre-season, as the two are having issues coming to an agreement on a dollar amount.

Sportsnet spoke to William's brother, Buffalo Sabers star Alexander about the contract. However, they learned that while he kept in touch with his sibling, he doesn't seem to know much about the contract that is in negotiations.

“He wants to be here, obviously, he wants to play,” says Alex. "That’s the way it is right now and I just hope everything goes well with him and good stuff will happen.”

William has kept himself hidden from the world for the most part during this contract issue. His most recent public exposure has been a deal with Reebok in an Instagram post.


One thing that might hurt his contract negotiations is that he's missed the first nine days of a training camp with the Leafs. This means that every day he misses is information that is lost or arriving late to him, which could lower the ability of the team as a whole.

The dangerous date that would probably hurt him the most would be if he held out all the way until October third, that's when he officially start losing pay. You see, that day is the Leaf's opener against Montreal.

Kyle Dubas Via Sportsnet

Kyle Dubas, the Leafs general manager, is confident that a deal will soon be reached with William. He basically wants a good deal for both the team and the players, which is a good mindset to have since happy players can be far more motivated ones.

One of the reasons he might actually be holding out for a better deal is the money. If he does sign a long-term deal, he's set to make anywhere between $6 to 6.4 Million. That's a fair amount of money and that's probably why he wants the better deal and it's based on the logic of if he's good, why should he make any less than other players that got signed in a similar range, such as  Winnipeg’s Nikolaj Ehlers.


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