Alexa Bliss Absolutely Burns Bayley and Banks With Locker Room Floor Reference

Alexa Bliss got into the act of burning fellow WWE Superstars when she referenced the rumors of Bayley and Sasha Banks locker room rumors.

If you're a fan of WWE Superstars like Becky Lynch, Bayley, Sasha Banks and now Alexa Bliss, you'd be doing yourself a favor by following them on social media. These days, their battles on Twitter are as, if not more, exciting than the battles they do inside a wrestling ring.

On Sunday, Bliss joined the unofficial social media champion Lynch in smashing rival competitors in WWE through Twitter when she went outside the storylines of WWE to take a shot at Bayley (and by association, Sasha Banks) when she referenced the recent rumors both were on the locker room floor after WrestleMania 35 whining and complaining about losing the tag titles to The Iiconics.

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She wrote: "Haha ok make fun of me all you want. Like its something new for u guys. Go comfort your friend. I'll save you guys a spot on the locker room floor."

While the story of Banks' dispute with WWE seems to be common knowledge, there's really been no confirmation that this locker room floor story is real, so it's interesting that Bliss would reference it. Also, that she has nothing to do with the rumors and that she's using it to take a shot at Bayley and Banks in a simple Internet war of words might also suggest there's less to the story than people have made it out to be.

What This Means

Where the ire comes from or why Bliss is involved is a bit unclear but if you trace back tweets between Lynch, Bayley, and Bliss, it appears there may be subtle references to Bliss saying the past that comments on social media have been out of line and feelings were hurt. At one time, Lynch said she would hit Ember Moon so hard Bliss would out go out injured again. Alexa didn't take kindly to those comments saying they were hurtful.

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