Alexa Bliss Injury Update: Former Raw Women’s Champion Felt Numbness In Her Arm

The arm injury that currently has Alexa Bliss watching from the sidelines is more than just an angle that started at Hell In A Cell.

It's remarkable to see how far Alexa Bliss has come since being called up from NXT. When called up, most fans likely shrugged and got on with their lives. The Goddess of WWE was one of the last picks of the draft and she didn't make that big a mark in NXT. On the main roster, however, she is one of the company's top assets and has won Women's Titles five times already.

Unfortunately, Bliss couldn't win a Women's Championship for a sixth time at Hell In A Cell on Sunday. Five Feet Of Fury had her obligatory rematch against Ronda Rousey at the PPV and although she gave a better account of herself this time around, she ultimately came up short.


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Anyone who takes on Rousey naturally has their arm targeted. That's why there has been an angle on the back of her match with Bliss that the former champ has an arm injury. However, that angle is rooted in truth. According to The Wrestling Observer, Bliss has been feeling numbness in her left arm hence why she wasn't involved in any action on this week's Raw.

It was clear that Bliss was suffering from a real-life injury earlier this week when she was replaced in the Mixed Match Challenge by Ember Moon, but at that point what was keeping her out of action was unclear. Although numbness can be pretty scary and a sign of nerve problems, as it stands Bliss has apparently been cleared for minimal exertion. That likely means she will miss any live events this weekend.

What is probably worrying Bliss the most right now, aside from the fact that she has been feeling numbness in her arm, is her upcoming match with Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution. If the arm issue does turn out to be something more serious that keeps her sidelined for a longer period then she could miss out on what is not only her dream match, but a dream match for a lot of the fans too.


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