LeBron James Vs Michael Jordan: Allen Iverson Picks A Side In The Debate

Long before the legend of LeBron James took over the NBA and changed its landscape forever, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was hailed as the greatest basketball player of all time.

Jordan revolutionized the game in the '80s and '90s. He was instrumental in marketing the game and making it more popular than ever before. Jordan led the Bulls to six NBA championships in the '90s, and won five MVP awards during his illustrious career.

But as James continues his run as the best player in the world right now, some fans and pundits have began arguing that he's the real GOAT of basketball. The three championship rings and four MVP awards don't match up with Jordan's, but many believe his individual skill set is greater than MJ's.

Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson - who played against both superstars multiple times in his career - revealed who he thinks the GOAT is in an article for The Players' Tribune.

"Mike is always going to be the GOAT," Iverson said. "And please don't even insult me with any of this 'stats, AI!' business, like you have a chance of changing my mind...I love LeBron. I have nothing but love for LeBron...But y'all. We're talking about Mike."


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At the end of the day, both James and Jordan single-handedly changed the game of basketball forever. No other players in history can match up against either guy in terms of individual talents.

You can make easy cases for either guy really being the best ever. Some like to point out that Jordan never won a championship without Scottie Pippen, and that the Bulls won 55 games in 1993-94 when Jordan was retired.

James has won championships with two different teams, and it took a star-studded Golden State Warriors super team to end his bid at additional rings in 2017 and '18. Jordan played well before the super team era took over the game of basketball.

What This Means

You can make strong cases for and against both James and Jordan being the greatest of all time. At the end of the day, there will not be a consensus pick. LeBron has done more than enough to earn some consideration for being the best ever.


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