Andre Iguodala Says Kevin Durant Is The 'Most Talented' NBA Scorer Ever

Apparently, the title of two-time, back-to-back Finals MVP is not quite enough to describe Kevin Durant talent. Now his teammate Andre Iguodala—a Finals MVP as well—has given KD the title of “the most talented scorer of all time.”

During an interview with Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver, Iguodala said that his teammate for the last two seasons is an underappreciated player with scoring skills that the league has never seen before, not even in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nor Michael Jordan.

"People don't appreciate him enough. He's the most talented scorer of all-time. Hands down. He's a walking 30 points. He'll get 30 on 12 shots. That's very, very hard to do. Very efficient. Most guys need to feel the ball in their hands a lot to get a rhythm. He doesn't."

"Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were the two guys with unstoppable moves. MJ had the fadeaway and Kareem had the skyhook, but KD is a 7-footer who can hit a hesi pull-up from 50 feet out. That's his unstoppable move."


We all know that Kevin Durant is the best scorer of the current NBA, no discussion. But a lot of people may think that giving him the title of the best of all times over players like Kobe, Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might be a little be too much. Nevertheless, Iguodala’s statement should not be misinterpreted due to a semantic problem.

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP said that Durant is “the most talented” scorer of all time, not the best scorer. Because in order to earn the title of the latter, KD would have to beat the 35.7 points per game that Wilt Chamberlain had in his first eleven seasons (amount of season that Durant has played in the NBA). So far, the former OKC player averaged 27.1 points per game.

To be the best scorer of all time entails basically passing the ball through the basket more times than any other player. Kevin Durant is way far from being that player. Kareem, Jordan, and even James scored more points in their first eleven seasons. Chamberlain had 118 games with fifty points or more, MJ had 31, and the black mamba had 25. The Warriors player has had only five, even Harden or Lebron have more. Therefore, we can all agree that no, he is not the best scorer of all time.

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But to say who is the most “talented,” that’s a different story. KD is the only one of all the players mentioned before who can dunk, layup, shoot a perfect jump shot and score from the three-point line. He is a player who can score from anywhere on the court, and he proved it during the third game of the last NBA Finals when he hit a deep 33-foot dagger three-pointer to earn a big win.

Kevin Durant lacks a lot of skills as an integral player on and off the court, but when it comes to scoring —Ande Iguodala might be right, he is the most skillful, talented player that the NBA has had.


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