Andrew Luck's Concerns Eased About Shoulder Injury After Suggs' Sack

While no quarterback really wants to get sacked, Andrew Luck looked at his hit from Terrell Suggs as a blessing.

To be sure, and clear – football is about contact. Yes, it’s about the hit, the tackle, the dive for the ankle that trips another player up, and even more than that, the pummeling the player takes as the offense tries to advance the ball. In this modern era, there is probably no other person or role as an individual that anyone can compare to as a gladiator as much as they can a football player. These athletes are special in so many ways, especially when it comes to physicality. When one of those players succumbs to the inevitable, a hit or tackle that injures them, the mental getting back up at some point to take another hit, can be more difficult than the physical. That’s been the case for Indianapolis Colt’s star quarterback Andrew Luck. But it seems as though, Luck’s luck may have changed.

On Monday night, Andrew Luck returned to the field for the first time since January 2017 after a prolonged shoulder injury. Yet, despite their 20-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the biggest win came from a very nice knock down that Luck took from linebacker Terrell Suggs.


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“… I’m sort of happy to get sacked by Suggs, a legit sack,” Luck said, as reported by ESPN.

Although the sentiments may seem strange, a quarterback relishing being sacked, it says a lot about temperament and the importance of contact in football. Most players spend the duration of the game avoiding tackles, knowing that at some point, it’s going to happen – the entire point of the game is to score in order to win, while not being tackled. The real win for Andrew Luck after several surgeries to repair a shoulder initially injured nearly three seasons go, however,  is going down hard and literally being able to get back up with no pain and then no thought of consequence.

Luck went on to say, “I landed on my right elbow sort of reminiscent of how I injured by shoulder a couple of years ago, I didn’t feel anything. Didn’t give it a second thought… That’s a big deal for me, being able to lose that thought bubble.”

Andrew Luck seems ready to move forward and that’s tantamount, to have a quarterback who is willing to stay in the pocket and take a hit. Success is often a redeemable knockdown.


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