NFL Discussing Antonio Callaway’s Future After Police Citing

The 2018-2019 season hasn’t started yet, and the renewed Cleveland Browns are already experiencing some difficulties. Their rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway was cited by police for marijuana possession.

The fourth-round draft pick was stopped early Sunday morning for suspicion of driving with a suspended license and possed of a small amount of marijuana by Strongsville, Ohio police.

According to the incident reports, the Browns player was stopped in Strongsville at 2:59 a.m. for “failing to yield for oncoming traffic.” Later, the police discovered that Callaway was driving with a suspended license and there was "a small amount of suspected marijuana located under the driver's seat.” Callaway was ordered to appear in Strongsville Mayor's Court Thursday morning for his hearing. TMZ released a video this Wednesday in which, apparently, the police officer found gun parts in Callaway's car as well. However, there's nothing about it in the official report.



The incident couldn't have come at a worse time. On Sunday Callaway became the number two Browns receiver after Cleveland traded Coleman to the Buffalo Bills. The incident occurred 19 hours before the trade, which explains why the former Florida Gators player preferred not to report it to the team.

According to sources Callaway hadn’t been using his car until a few days ago when it was shipped from Florida, in the meantime, his friends had been driving it. This is why when the police asked if they could search the vehicle, he was completely unaware that there was marijuana. Although this might be true, it wouldn’t minimize the consequences. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that "the matter will be reviewed under the NFL-NFLPA substances of abuse policy,” which could mean a four-game suspension.

The Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson has already talked regarding what happened.

“I’m surprised at this, he's been great. We've had no slip-ups, no issues. This is a young player, who obviously made a bad decision or bad choice. I have to find out. Believe me, when we find out more of the facts, I will tell you straight out, exactly what it is when I know."

It won’t be the first time that Callaway is in this type of situations. In 2016, the Cleveland Browns rookie was suspended from the Florida Gators due to an accusation of sexual assault. Later, during his final season in the NCAA, they suspended him again after he was one of nine players accused of a credit card fraud. On top of that he a failed drug test at this year’s scouting combine.

Definitely, drafting Callaway was a risky move by Browns, which is already starting to generate problems.


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