Arn Anderson Breaks Silence On WWE Release As Starrcast Appearance Is Announced

Arn Anderson has spoken for the first time since being let go by the WWE.

The 60-year-old, a 2012 Hall of Fame inductee, was working as a producer for the company before he was released last month. It was later reported that the reason for his firing was his allowing Alicia Fox to wrestle intoxicated at a Live Event in early February.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated in his first interview since his termination, Anderson said he had no regrets and that his shelf life had simply ran out.

“I was fortunate enough to work with WWE for 18 years,” he said. “Certainly that provided my family and myself with a nice living, and I have no regrets. A lot of my best friends still work there. Everything has a shelf life, and I guess mine ran out.”


The former tag team champion will be making his first non-WWE sanctioned appearance in 20 years at the Starrcast II wrestling convention in May.

“It used to be a dangerous setting when they handed me a live mic,” he says. “So we’ll see if it will be again.”

“We’re proud to have Arn Anderson on stage as one of our marquee events,” Conrad Thompson, one of the event's organizers, declared. “We can’t wait for Arn to have a live mic in his hand, and stay tuned for more details.

“We’re paying homage to the history of wrestling, and a large part of Starrcast is nostalgia, so Caesars Palace is the right fit. It just makes sense."

Former WWE performer Jack Swagger recently linked Anderson with a move to All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion backing the Starrcast event.

Swagger, who is now plying his trade on the MMA and indie scenes, has also admitted having talks with the promotion heads himself but he insists their discussions have nothing to do with a possible signing.

What This Means

Anderson isn't expected to remain out of work long and, now that it has been announced that he will be making an appearance at Starrcast, the likelihood of him joining AEW has become even greater.

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