Impact Producer Says Austin Aries Is Finished With Company After Controversial BFG Match

Impact Wrestling producer Petey Williams has confirmed that Austin Aries match at Bound For Glory was his last with the company.

Whether you like the way Austin Aries goes about his business or not, you can't deny that the man knows how to generate heat. His controversial reply to a John Morrison tweet last week really maximized interest in the pair's match at Bound For Glory this past Sunday. That interest and heat only multiplied as the match got closer and reached a fever pitch once it had come to an end.

Morrison is now the new Impact World Champion, but that wasn't the take-home headline from the match. As soon as the bell rang to signal the end of the bout, Aries jumped to his feet and left the ring. Pretty unprofessional and disrespectful considering he had just been hit with Morrison's finisher. A-Double then proceeded to flip off the crowd as he made his way up the ramp.


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If all of this has been part of an elaborate angle then kudos to Impact because it has had most of us fooled. The latest comments from one of the company's producers suggest that this whole thing has, unfortunately, not been a work. This week on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, Petey Williams, the producer on the Bound For Glory main event, basically confirmed that Aries was very much off script on Sunday.

Williams didn't say that exactly, but he did confirm that Aries match at the weekend was his last for Impact. The producer didn't go into much detail, but he did say "Austin Aries’ contract is done. That match was his last match under contract." It's probably safe to assume that Aries' Impact run would have continued had Bound For Glory not ended so controversially.

Despite the former Impact World Champion seemingly being difficult to work with, Aries likely won't have any trouble finding work. He is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now and very few are better than him on the mic. The only problem with his infamous promos are that sometimes he goes off on his own tangent. It's why he is as popular as he is right now, but may also be why he no longer finds himself at Impact.


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