Austin Aries & No Way Jose Have Interesting Twitter Exchange

Austin Aries seems upset about the way WWE is "abusing" his legacy. Now that wrestlers like No Way Jose are involved, Aries seems to have a beef with him too.

The interesting Twitter exchange between Aries and No Way Jose started when Aries made comment about a promotional video WWE aired where Hideo Itami took him out during an NXT segment. Aries said, "Ahh yes, my reward after giving the best feud and match of his career." Aries was referring to the fact he put over Jose on television, helping try to make him a popular name for the brand. Itami then came out for his debut and laid out Aries, making him look weak twice. Aries didn't seem to be a fan that WWE was reliving that moment saying "what's either guy done since?"

Not a fan of Aries comments, No Way Jose responded on Twitter suggesting Aries hasn't done much for himself either. While Jose has been called up to WWE's main roster, Aries has left WWE and gone back to the independent scene, a place he claims to be having fantastic success (his many championships prove he may have a point). Jose posted a photo of Aries disappearing in much the same way the Avengers disappeared.

The idea behind Jose's post must have been the Aries not being in WWE means he's pretty much irrelevant.

Whether or not No Way Jose has a point is up for debate, but Aries saw this as another opportunity to get his cracks in. Saying, "Well, this reply instantly got you more over with some wrestling fans than anything you’ve done in @WWE recently. I don’t even work there and I’m still getting you over! That’s how good I am at what I do! Anytime you’re free, love to dance again..."

Aries has his legion of fans. He's been one of the better indie wrestlers over the past decade. But, some will argue his desire to take cracks at the WWE and its roster is a sign he's still bitter about being released by WWE when he considers himself to be a star.

This likely won't be the last time Aries has something to say about WWE nor will it be the final time a WWE talent feels Aries comments are out of line.


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