Backstage Details Why WWE Is Using Street Profits On Raw, Their Future

A recent report details why WWE has recently pushed NXT tag team the Street Profits during backstage Raw segments and if the company intends to put them in the ring anytime soon.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, if you've been a fan of the Street Profits on Raw and hope to see them take the next step and hop in a Raw ring, you'll be disappointed. Plans could change but there isn't a desire by WWE to put them in a ring to wrestle on the main roster anytime soon.

Instead, WWE sees the Street Profits on Raw as a good form of advertising for NXT and as they were the belts during their promos, the hope is that fans who like their form of entertainment decide to tune into NXT to see them wrestle. In essence, bot Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are like walking, talking billboards for NXT.

The tag team started appearing in backstage segments back on July 1, and it was rumored that Paul Heyman specifically requested being able to use them. On their first Raw episode, they worked a segment with Heyman where they made fun of him for a few seconds. It was unclear at that time if they were officially called up to the main roster but they kept appearing on Raw each week. Lately, they've been used as a sort of talking promo for other WWE main roster matches, chiming in with their own opinions about each opponent.

What This Means

The Street Profits are not done with NXT by a long shot. They are next scheduled to defend their NXT Tag Team Titles against Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish at the NXT "Takeover: Toronto II" the same weekend the main roster is a part of SummerSlam weekend.

That said, they are likely to stay part of the Raw episodes with an emphasis on backstage segments.

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