Backstage Details On How Bray Wyatt's Evil Clown Persona Came To Be

Bray Wyatt needed his tattoo artist to draw up designs for his terrifying new persona before Vince McMahon would give the idea the green light.

For the past four weeks, WWE fans have been watching Firefly Funhouse wondering what it is all about. Don't get us wrong, we have thoroughly enjoyed every single episode. We are also extremely happy to see Bray Wyatt back on TV. However, we could not tell you where this bizarre and wonderful idea might lead.

This week, we got the biggest hint as to what it is all about to date. At the end of episode four, Wyatt transformed into an evil clown-type character. The former WWE Champion claimed that this version of him is a manifestation of the bad that has always been inside of him only now, he is able to harness that dark side.

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Considering everything else going on in WWE right now, we don't think we were out of line to wonder who came up with this. Turns out it was Wyatt himself, but he needed a little bit of outside help. That help came from tattoo artists, Kyle Scarborough. Scarborough revealed on Facebook this week that Wyatt had explained his ideas to Vince McMahon, but the boss didn't really get it.

Wyatt decided he needed a visual representation of what he was trying to explain. That's when he turned to Scarborough. "He had an idea in mind that needed help. He had the team of people to create the idea, but didn't have the vision," Scarborough explained. After presenting Wyatt with the drawing above, and Wyatt, in turn, showed it to Mr. McMahon, The Eater of Worlds told the tattoo artist that he had saved his career.

Scarborough revealed a number of interesting details about the finished product, including that those who have worked on Slipknot masks in the past had a hand in the design. That most definitely shows. Perhaps the most exciting revelation of all was that they are "still not done." We certainly hope not. Firefly Funhouse has been the best thing about the main roster recently, and we look forward to seeing what's next.


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