Backstage Details On Who Gave Kabuki Warriors Their New Name

Fans who lost it on Tuesday night when Kairi Sane and Asuka were named The Kabuki Warriors, might be shocked to learn who named them.

Many fans in the WWE Universe watched SmackDown Live last night and were a bit passe when it came to elements of the show. That said, there weren't many who kept quiet when it was learned that the newly formed tag team of Asuka and Kairi Sane were getting a new team name. From this point forward, to be known as The Kabuki Warriors, most fans weren't loving the new title.

But, before you go blaming Vince McMahon or the WWE writers for another bad name in a string of bad names, realize, you might be blaming the wrong person.

Paige said during both an exclusive WWE.com video and on her social media account that the girls named themselves. It was Asuka and Sane who asked for the word kabuki. Their preference was to be called the Kabuki Girls but WWE felt it needed more punch and replaced "Girls" with "Warriors".

What This Means

It's easy to rush to judgment on this one. After all, it seems that every day there is more news that Vince McMahon is making terrible decision after terrible decision when it comes to his performers, storylines and name changes. But, as Paige points out, this one's not on Vince.

Asuka took to social media to define kabukimono as, “Sengoku or Edo-period eccentric who attracted public attention with their eye-catching clothes, peculiar hairstyle, and weird behavior.” In reality, this fits her.

So, can we really be all that mad if finally, it seems WWE is letting the wrestlers have some input on their creative? If we did, it would be somewhat hypocritical considering most fans are quick to say the talent need more of a voice when it comes to their characters.

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