Bam Bam Bigelow Will Finally Be Inducted Into WWE's HOF This Year [Rumor]

Bam Bam Bigelow will reportedly be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year after apparently just missing the cut in 2018.

Whenever a wrestler achieves one goal in WWE, there is always something more they can then set their sights on. Win the Intercontinental Title, now the WWE Championship is your goal. After that, headlining WrestleMania. However, once you become a WWE Hall Of Famer, there really isn't anything left to achieve. Well, unless you want to become a two time Hall Of Famer like Ric Flair.

Who WWE decides to induct into its HOF every year is always a hotly debated topic. Some fans believe there are wrestlers in there who shouldn't be, and also those who deserve a spot and are yet to be given one. The likes of Chyna, Vader, and British Bulldog are all former WWE Superstars who fall into that latter category in the minds' of many fans.


Sadly, the other thing those three former wrestlers have in common is if they are eventually inducted, they won't be alive to see it. Bam Bam Bigelow also falls into that category. There were rumors that the former ECW Champion would make it into the HOF last year, but WWE decided against it. This time around Bigelow's name is well and truly in the rumor mill once again, but reports suggest he will now make the cut.

Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn't Know was apparently told the good news by a source recently. "I am told he should be going in this year. In fact, put money on Bam Bam going in this year," Shepard said on the podcast. While WWE considered him for last year's HOF ceremony, it makes a lot more sense to induct him this time around instead. WrestleMania will be taking place in Bigelow's home state of New Jersey.

When discussing some of the most talented and influential wrestlers of the 1990s, Bigelow's name is one that is all too often overlooked. An athletic big man whose style was truly ahead of its time. A World Champion, WrestleMania headliner, and a performer who made his mark on WWE, WCW, and ECW, as well as in Japan. There is no doubt that Bam Bam deserves to be immortalized as a WWE Hall Of Famer.


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