Baron Corbin Chooses Lacey Evans As Guest Referee, Rollins Retains

In the main event of Stomping Grounds, it was revealed Baron Corbin had chosen Lacey Evans as the special guest referee. To say the least, the deck was officially stacked against Universal Champion Seth Rollins until Becky Lynch came down to even things up.

After the champion and challenger had made their way to the ring, Rollins warned Corbin that if he brought a referee down to the ring in an attempt to steal his title, that person would receive the same steel chair treatment as everyone else who considered helping Corbin over the last week. Corbin chose one of the few people Rollins wouldn’t hit — a woman.

It was an immediate opening for Corbin who took the early advantage. Some quick counts on behalf of the referee for the challenger, the allowance by Evans to let Corbin bend the rules and slow counts when it came time to count for Rollins, it was clear Rollins was battling essentially two-on-one. When Corbin was sent through a table outside and Evans made the match a no-count our match, it was difficult to see how Rollins would overcome the odds.

Evans eventually faked an injury, made the match a no-DQ contest and slapped Rollins which was enough to have him lose his cool. She low-blowed him when he tried to focus back on Corbin and finally, Becky Lynch was forced to come down and started to beat on Evans. The no-DQ rule made it so Rollins wouldn’t be disqualified. John Cone became the new referee, Rollins nailed the Stomp and retained his title.

What This Means

WWE is likely setting up a tag match between Evans and Corbin for Raw but more importantly, the company is going all in on the idea of promoting Rollins and Lynch as a couple. The two celebrated in the ring and she jokingly held the ropes open for him to leave the ring, ending the show arm in arm.

This will likely equate to the exit of Corbin from the Universal Title scene.

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