Baron Corbin Opens Up About His Failed Money In The Bank Cash-In

Baron Corbin recently opened up about how it felt to become one of a very small group of people to not become champion after winning Money In The Bank.

We don't know about you, but we struggle to think of a WWE where the Money In The Bank match wasn't an annual staple. The multi-person madder match didn't make its debut until 2005. The first six took place at WrestleMania each year, and after that, the match got its very own PPV.

Winning the MITB briefcase almost guarantees the holder a World Title run within the next year. On the men's side of things, only four men out of 20 have failed to do so. For the women, all three MITB winners have successfully cashed in the contract. Even two of the four male losers weren't technically losers. Unfortunately for Baron Corbin, he was definitely one of the other two.

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Corbin won the contract back in 2017 and cashed it in a couple of months later. Since Jinder Mahal was champ at the time, we assumed The Lone Wolf would pick up the win. However, thanks to a distraction from John Cena, Corbin was quickly rolled up and lost. During an appearance on Notsam Wrestling this week, Corbin revealed that the loss affected him more than many fans might have realized.

Corbin explained that rubbing his contract in everyone's face led to quite the backlash. "Now not only am I disappointed in myself, but now I have audiences chanting, ‘Where’s your briefcase?’," Corbin explained. He admitted that it stung and that he would think to himself he should have been champion. More than two years later, he still hasn't won a World Title in WWE.

Despite Corbin still chasing the big one, it isn't as if he has had a terrible couple of years. Vince McMahon is clearly a big fan of his and he has tangled with all of Raw's top stars during that time. It's also looking more and more likely that he will win the King of the Ring tournament currently underway. That tends to be an even bigger springboard for stars than MITB.

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