WWE Will Keep Angle-Corbin Match In Place Despite Backlash [Rumor]

When Kurt Angle revealed on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw that Baron Corbin would be his WrestleMania 35 opponent, fans, pundits and other wrestling legends panned it big time.

It was later reported by Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE could look to change Angle's opponent - with John Cena being mentioned as a possible replacement for Corbin.

But for those of you that still don't like the idea of Corbin facing Angle in the latter's sendoff match, well, sorry. According to Rajah.com, WWE is still planning to keep the match intact, since the negative backlash will help Corbin. Interestingly, this goes against the wishes of Angle and somebody else to have him face Cena instead.

Corbin and Angle were on-screen rivals during their tenures as the constable and GM of Raw, respectively. But Angle is a wrestling icon and Hall of Fame inductee, and fans would simply rather have him face another legend in his sendoff match. Corbin isn't fully established as a main event superstar, either.

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Legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross called the match choice "underwhelming." It was also reported by WrestleVotes that WWE wasn't expecting such backlash from the Corbin-Angle match choice, which further suggested that they would change the opponent. But unless WWE has a change of mind, it seems like they feel there's good reason to keep the Corbin-Angle bout in place.

Angle announced on last week's episode of Raw, that even though he had many opponents he'd like to face, Corbin was the only one he wanted to beat. But judging by this report from Rajah, Angle didn't actually feel that way. It was simply done in storyline, and WWE once again seems fine giving the fans a match they don't feel good about.

What This Means

If WWE doesn't change the Angle-Corbin match, they can certainly expect more backlash. The McMahons promised more changes for 2019 at the end of last year, but so far, that promise hasn't been entirely fulfilled. We just have to wait and see if WWE will end up changing the match and actually give the fans what they want.

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