Kurt Angle's Career Ends With A WrestleMania Loss To Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle wrestled the last match of his illustrious career at WrestleMania. One that wound up being a loss to Baron Corbin.

Earlier this year, Kurt Angle announced that he would be wrestling the last match of his career at WrestleMania 35. Fans' minds then started to wander as to who the Olympic gold medalist might face on the grandest stage of them all. So many options from wrestlers throughout Angle's past in both WWE and Impact Wrestling.

For some reason still unbeknownst to us, WWE opted to bypass all of the best options and decided Baron Corbin was the man for the job. Not John Cena, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, or Samoa Joe. The Lone Wolf. A man who Angle has no history with beyond an almost already forgotten battle over the Raw General Manager job last year.


As the weeks went by and became clear that this wasn't some sort of sick joke, some fans began to rationalize WWE's decision. That perhaps it would basically be an exhibition match. An easy win for Angle and a nice send off. Or maybe even an easy match followed by someone like Cena coming to the ring right after to give Angle a real challenge. Now we know it was none of that. It was so much worse.

There was no swerve. No mystery opponent. Just a lackluster final match for Angle, and one that he lost. Corbin kicked out of the Angle Slam and delivered his devastating End Of Days to the Hall Of Famer. The veteran failed to kick out and with that, his 20-year career came to an end. Angle cut a short promo after the match thanking the fans, hugged his wife and kids at ringside, and then returned to the locker room.

There had been suspicions that the reason Angle had been having dream matches in the build to WrestleMania was pre-emptively in return for him losing to Corbin. It seems that was very much the case. What we don't understand is what Corbin, or anyone for that matter gets from this. The Lone Wolf may have won, but it was a match that we will have all probably forgotten about by the end of the week.


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