Batista Reveals He'd Rather "Go Broke" Than Wrestle Another Match

As much as Batista loves the wrestling business, he has confirmed that he will never be wrestling another match ever again.

WWE is currently going through a phase of letting older stars return part-time or even for one-off matches. Superstars such as The Undertaker, Goldberg, and even Brock Lesnar to an extent. This comes 20 years after Vince McMahon openly mocked WCW for using wrestlers who were younger than most of the part-timers working in WWE today.

Whether you enjoy stars of the past performing in WWE today or not, there's no arguing that it comes with mixed results. When John Cena and Triple H wrestle today, for the most part, they definitely still have it. Undertaker and Goldberg, on the other hand, proved at Super Showdown that maybe they don't still have it. At this year's WrestleMania, Batista had fans split as to which category he falls in.

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For the most part, The Animal's match with The Game was one of the best of the night. However, as some cynical fans tend to do, people chose to focus on Batista tripping on the ropes as he climbed into the ring. No matter what you thought of Batista's match at WrestleMania, the Guardian Of The Galaxy confirmed to Chris van Vliet that he will never be wrestling again.

"If they ask me to go in the Hall of Fame I will. But I will not have another wrestling match," Batista revealed during his interview. In fact, the wrestler turned actor admitted that he would "go broke" before wrestling another match. He also added that includes working for other promotions away from WWE. Batista actually said he would never even work for another promotion, so there'll be no AEW run-ins for him anytime soon.

Retirement can be a pretty meaningless word in wrestling. Now more than ever with WWE tempting past Superstars back into the ring with Saudi Arabian money. When it comes to Batista, however, we believe him. In fact, he and Stone Cold might be the only two wrestlers we currently believe when they say they will never wrestle again.


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