Batista Admits Working With WWE Creative For His Return Was A "Nightmare"

Batista returned for what will likely be his last ever match earlier this year, but apparently, working with WWE creative was far from smooth sailing.

Last year, Batista returned to WWE for what we thought at the time would be one night only. The wrestler turned movie star reunited with his Evolution buddies to celebrate SmackDown 1000. However, before leaving the ring, Batista teased that he and Triple H might go round the horn one more time.

Fast forward six months and The Animal and The Game squared off at WrestleMania. You could even argue that the veterans put on the match of the night. The only real issue we had was its length. The build to it wasn't exactly stellar either. Last week, Batista appeared on Talk Is Jericho and explained why the weeks before his match with Triple H were frustrating ones.

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"It was a nightmare. It wasn’t a nightmare like the last time, but it was difficult," Batista revealed to Chris Jericho. "I thought, ‘If I go back, we tease this now, what the hell are we doing for the next five weeks?'." The former WWE Champion explained that he pleaded with Vince McMahon to come back later, and also feared at the time that it would end up like the time he returned in 2014.

Although the MCU star didn't have glowing things to say about WWE's creative team, he did throw a big compliment Mr. McMahon's way. The last promo Batista cut before WrestleMania was four words long: "Hunter, kiss my ass." The Animal admitted that was entirely the chairman's idea, and recalls Mr. McMahon laying out the idea to him and loving it.

As for Batista's future, well, it won't include any wrestling. The Animal revealed that he always wanted to give back to Triple H in his last ever match, and he has now done that. It's why he pushed for the match at this year's WrestleMania so relentlessly. While some have been coaxed out of retirement by Saudi money, we can't imagine Batista will be joining that club anytime soon.

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