Batista Talks Special Stipulation Pitched For Triple H WrestleMania 35 Bout

Batista was recently a guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast and told the host he pitched a special stipulation to Vince for his WrestleMania 35 match. It was a stipulation Vince shot down.

Recently retired WWE Superstar and major motion picture actor Batista sat down with current AEW talent and podcast host Chris Jericho to talk a number of topics. The timing was excellent as Batista had a 24/7 documentary called Dream Chaser air on WWE Network after Raw on Monday. They spoke wrestling, his WWE run, working with Vince and WWE creative.

In one segment of the interview, Batista spoke about his match with Triple H at WrestleMania 35 — something that was covered extensively in the WWE documentary — and said he wanted a stipulation added that Vince said no to.

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"Originally, we wanted it to be a Hell in a Cell," Batista revealed. "Vince didn't want it because of the pay-per-view (Hell in a Cell being its own event). We needed bells and whistles; we needed the drama. We are two old guys that haven't wrestled in a while, we have already got the history. We just needed the violence."

What This Means

Batista's desire for the match to be brutal explains the parts of the match that included a ripped out nose ring, steps in the ring and sledgehammers. Knowing he might not be up to par with his wrestling, he wanted to hide the inefficiencies with pure carnage.

When talking about how that moment in the match came together, Batista explained, "That was all Hunter." He added, "I would never wear that out to the ring. But Hunter asked if I was going to wear it out and said he had a spot and explained it. I said, 'Hell yeah I'll wear it out!' We talked about pulling it out, it was great."

In the end, Batista said there were good and bad moments. He landed wrong on a table spot, butted heads with Vince a couple times, but he was really proud of what he was able to accomplish and went out on his terms.

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