Batista Says He Tried Talking The Undertaker Out Of Goldberg Match

Batista has revealed that he tried to get The Undertaker to renege on his agreeing to wrestle Goldberg at the recent Super ShowDown.

The wrestler turned movie star sat down for a chat with Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin recently to discuss a number of topics and gave some very interesting feedback on WWE.

His WrestleMania 35 match against Triple H was among the things touched on. But the more recent match between the Deadman and Goldberg is what has everyone talking nowadays - mostly because it sucked - so, of course, there were a few things to say about that.

The Animal said that he did not watch the entire fight and had only seen a few clips, so he didn't want to comment on it. Yet he did reveal that he called the 54-year-old the same day of the event and asked if there was any way he could talk him out of the match.

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“I called ‘Taker Friday," he claimed. "I called him Friday and I said, ‘hey man, is there any way I can talk you out of this?’ and he just started laughing. He goes, ‘You know, when they talked to me about it a while back it sounded good, but I’m obligated, so we’re doing it.’”

Well, Taker probably regrets not taking Batista's advice as the match was all sorts of botched. Goldberg would crash headfirst into a ring post while trying to execute a spear during the bout and later revealed that he had actually knocked himself out in a Twitter apology to the fans.

The legends now have the WWE Universe split on whether or not they should retire after what happened at the Super ShowDown and they'll probably give it some serious thought. Both these stars have had remarkable careers as WWE performers and we're not going to share an opinion on what decision they should make. But no one would hold it against them if they did opt to hang it up.

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