SmackDown 1000: Batista Teases Match With Triple H During Evolution Reunion

As part of the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live, and during a highly-anticipated promo, Evolution returned and the focus shifted to Batista, who after complimenting the group, called out Triple H.

The group came out to a ton of crowd love, walked to the ring to their iconic theme song, took turns talking to the crowd and most of the time stayed in character. Batista, however, took the bulk of the promo to offer four thoughts. First, he said he couldn't imagine not being a part of this monumental show due to how much he helped build the SmackDown brand. Second, he said he was happy to be in his hometown. Third, he said he loved the fans regardless of whether or not they loved him back and finally, the other members of the Evolution were too important not to share the moment with.

As Batista praised the accomplishments of each member — moments of which were quite hilarious, including telling Ric Flair to keep the snake is his pants — he got to Triple H where he called The Game a 14-time World Champion, the man who runs this (professional wrestling) business and suggested there's nothing he hasn't accomplished, except defeating Batista.

The comment got a ton of reaction from the crowd who immediately started chanting yes, asking for that match and waiting for a reaction from Triple H. The Game's mood changed quickly, giving Batista a puzzled look. The two men stared each other down until Flair intervened and suggested cooler heads prevail. In the end, both Batista and Triple H hugged it out, but the seeds were planted.

Whether WWE is trying to gauge interest in a Batista match is unknown, but it seems clear Batista wants that match. It seems to be a match the WWE Universe wants too.

Time will tell if this is where WWE goes and after Triple H and Shawn Michaels go after the Brothers of Destruction, but it feels like there are a ton of people in favor of such an idea.


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