Batista Will Be A Playable Character In Gears Of War 5

Batista looks to be steps away from getting his wish and landing the role as Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie. But for now, he'll have to do with a role in the upcoming video game.

With Gears 5 set to drop in a few days, "The Animal" has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be a playable character in the iconic video game.

Batista is no longer an active member of WWE's roster and has said that his WrestleMania 35 match with Triple H was his last fight. But it appears that this is some sort of WWE crossover as he's listed as "Batista" and not his real name, Dave Bautista, in the announcement video - plus he will be added to the game on September 15, after the Clash of Champions PPV.

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We're not sure what role the former wrestler and current movie star will play in the game but it's very unlikely he will be in the campaign mode. He should be available in multiplayer mode, however, as well as "Horde" and "Escape."

While it's more likely he will be restricted to multiplayer, it's possible that he's added as a Horde or escape Character with his own passive ability and ultimate. We shouldn't expect Batista Bombs either, but you never know these days.

Batista is only the latest addition to the game, with confirmation over The Terminator being in there along with Sarah Connor. The pair will be in there to promote Terminator: Dark Fate, a film set to drop on November 1 this year - so we can deduce that Batista's involvement is a means of promoting Clash of the Champions.

So Will We See Him In The Movie?

Well, it's more possible now than not. The film adaptation has already been confirmed for production and Batista claims he's been bugging Universal Studios for a while now.

“I’ve been pursuing Gears of War for years now,” he said back in 2018. “I believe it’s in the hands of Universal Studios. And I’ve been knocking on their door and badgering them and they are so sick of me phoning in and asking them where they are with that project. But, yes, Marcus Fenix is absolutely a dream role for me. I want that role.”

We want that role for you too, Batista. Make it happen, Universal!

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