Bayley Doesn't Want Trish Stratus To Retire For Good, & Neither Do We

Trish Stratus wrestled her farewell match at SummerSlam on Sunday. Bayley is hoping that the loss won't be her hero's last match ever, though.

The women's revolution in WWE has quite rightly brought some of the company's past female Superstars out of the woodwork. Women who paved the way for those competing in the division today. Women who were great wrestlers, but 80% of the time were reduced to bra and panties matches or throwing each other into pools of pudding.

The list of female Superstars who have returned for cameos and longer runs is a big one, and it continues to grow. Some have even realized that now the business has changed, they have even more to give. Trish Stratus, for example. The Hall of Famer was entry number 30 in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match. She then returned for a tag team match later that year at Evolution.

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At SummerSlam on Sunday, Stratus faced her biggest challenge since her 2018 return. A match again Charlotte Flair. Her first singles match for eight years. The seven-time Women's Champion might have lost, but she proved to the world that she can definitely still go. Nevertheless, Stratus stated before the match that her battle with The Queen would be her last.

You never know though, especially not in wrestling. After being out there in front of her hometown fans, Stratus might well have realized that she is not done, not yet. Bayley will certainly be hoping that's the case. During SummerSlam, the SmackDown Women's Champion tweeted "Trish please don’t go." Bayley had already ensured she remained champion after a good match against Ember Moon at that point in the evening.

There will undoubtedly be opportunities for Bayley versus Stratus to happen should all parties involved want the match. Perhaps at Evolution II if there is going to be one, or at WrestleMania 36. If it does happen, we would like it to be for a championship. We wouldn't necessarily like to see Stratus hold the title for an eighth time, but it would be cool to see her compete for it on a big stage before she walks away for good.

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