Bayley Says The Rest Of WWE Needs To Catch Up To Her Following MITB Title Win

New SmackDown Women's champion Bayley has urged the rest of WWE to catch up following her impressive title win at Money In The Bank on Sunday.

The female star wasted little time cashing in her contract after pulling off a much-needed win over all other briefcase chasers, coming in to save Becky Lynch from a beatdown before ruining Charlotte Flair's night after she beat The Man to become a nine-time champion.

Bayley, holder of the SmackDown championship for the first time in her career, says no one should be surprised by her victory considering all what she's won. And she's also asking that everyone step their game up now that she's at the top.

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“I’ve known that I’ve been capable of this all along," she said after her win. "Now that everything’s coming in full circle, I... honestly, look... 2015 ‘Match of the Year’ with Sasha Banks, I was Female Superstar of the Year in 2015, NXT women’s champion, Raw women’s champion, the first ever WWE women’s tag team champion, 2019 Women’s Money in the Bank contract winner, and now I am your WWE SmackDown women’s champion.

"So, right now you’re probably realizing ‘Damn, Bayley’s good!’ And finally the whole world gets to see it. And I’m going to show them more and more every single day, this is mine and it ain’t going nowhere. You saw that tonight? You can’t top it -- you can’t top it.

”You got anything else? There’s gotta be more? What else can I do? You’ll just have to wait and see because I’m just getting started. I hope the whole locker room gets ready, SmackDown, NXT, Raw, NXT UK, everybody, the men’s locker room, women’s locker room, I want everybody to step it up because now I’m at the top and everybody needs to catch up. Because Bayley is the WWE SmackDown Live women’s champion.”

What This Means

Probably just that Sasha Banks is having a rethink. But she's still quite happy for Bayley and has given her a shoutout on social media since her remarkable triumph.

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