WWE Originally Planned To Have Ember Moon Win Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank was a big show for Bayley, but apparently, those booking decisions were made very late in the day.

Sunday night's Money In The Bank needed to be a big show that included a lot of change. We personally believe WWE achieved that. While the promotion's World Champions remain the same, the threat to both crowns has never been bigger as Brock Lesnar made a shock return to become Mr. Money In The Bank.

The women's division was shaken up even more. Becky Lynch is no longer Becky 2 Belts as she failed to keep hold of her SmackDown Women's Championship. However, a wrestler she didn't even face left Hartford with that title. After Charlotte Flair became champion for a record ninth time, Bayley cashed in her newly won MITB contract and defeated The Queen.

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It was all very well planned out and the fans seemed to enjoy the drama and the chaos. However, according to Fightful, the plans for the women's MITB match were very different just hours before the show. The company was reportedly set to make Ember Moon Miss MITB, but creative, and assumedly Vince McMahon, changed its mind late in the day and put together the Bayley plan.

What is unclear is how the show would have panned out had Moon won the contract. There's currently no word on if replacing her with Bayley would have been a like-for-like situation, and if WWE had plans to make Moon a main roster champion for the first time. While we would have liked to see Moon in that spot, she did have a good showing in the match. Her Eclipse from a ladder outside the ring on Natalya was a personal highlight.

Bayley has been in dire need of a rebuild ever since she won the Raw Women's Title in a lackluster manner during the build to WrestleMania 33. Her wins at MITB could well be the beginning of that rebuild. With Lynch presumably focusing on Raw going forward, since she still holds the brand's title, that could leave Bayley and Flair, or even Moon, to have a fresh-feeling feud over the SmackDown Title on Tuesdays.


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