Bayley Is Lobbying For A WWE Queen Of The Ring Tournament

Bayley is excited that the King of the Ring has returned to WWE, but has questioned why there isn't a Queen of the Ring taking place alongside it.

The King of the Ring tournament is a time-honored tradition in WWE. The tournament dates all the way back to 1985, the same year that Vince McMahon first held WrestleMania. Eight years later, KOTR would get its very own PPV and take place annually. That tradition was scrapped after 2002, but the tournament has returned a few times between then and now.

This past Monday on Raw, a brand new KOTR tournament began. It's the first to take place since 2015 and features 16 WWE Superstars. Samoa Joe, Cedric Alexander, Elias, and Andrade have already advanced to the second round of the tournament. Matches will continue to take place until a king is eventually crowned at Clash of Champions.

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Bayley recently revealed to KSFY that she was extremely excited to hear that the KOTR would be returning. "There's so much history to it. The fact that they brought it back is a dream come true for a lot of those guys," she said during the interview. However, the SmackDown Women's Champion also questioned why there isn't a Queen of the Ring tournament to run alongside it.

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"We kind of want a Queen of the Ring...if you guys could make that happen, I would love that," Bayley said to fans in attendance. It would seem that The Hugger isn't the only one who would be keen on the idea. This week on SmackDown, Charlotte Flair gestured to and commented on the KOTR throne sitting on the stage. Flair is The Queen, so it would make sense that she'd want the chance to make that title official.

The women's revolution in wrestling has brought with it a lot of firsts for female WWE Superstars. The first-ever Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, WrestleMania main event, and even an all-women's PPV. Honestly, a Queen of the Ring tournament being on that checklist isn't something that had previously occurred to us. However, it is something we would very much love to see.

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