Becky Lynch and Edge Twitter Feud Getting Downright Nasty

The downside of Twitter wars, which Becky Lynch often likes to do, is that they can get downright nasty. She's finding that out as she battles Edge.

We reported earlier that Lynch may have met her match when it comes to battling it out with another wrestler on Twitter. We wrote that before things started to get out of hand. Since that point, both Edge and Lynch have continued their back and forth jabs, some of them quite personal.

Over the course of the day on Saturday, the two sent nearly a dozen tweets back and forth taking shots at each other than cover everything from stealing jokes and catchphrases to stinking up the main event at WrestleMania. The latter must have stung because Lynch chose not to respond.

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In one of the first tweets on Saturday, Edge probably landed the hardest shot when he said, "You actually made Jersey smell worse stinking up the Mania main event like you did." And, because the insults that tend to be more accurate or most personal sting the hardest, as the tweets rolled along, Lynch didn't respond.

For Lynch, main eventing WrestleMania was a big deal. She was one of the big draws of the night and no one can take that away from her but there was wide criticism that her match wasn't great and included a botched ending that saw her win both titles in a controversial fashion. She's not addressed those thoughts since the PPV but it's logical to assume she'd rather have received glowing praise for her performance.

And, before she could respond, Edge called her out for having a ghostwriter probably sitting there trying to come up with a response.

When Lynch did make a comeback, she wrote:

"Dude, why didn’t you tag me on this? Also, I’ve been trying to fight your wife this whole time. So you go back to Tweeting things your daughter didn’t say, and I’ll go and beat the one adult in your house that isn’t made of glass."

Not making a statement about the match, of course, left the door open for Edge to say, "Also don’t you have a job? I earned my retirement, go earn yours. Also no comment on your mania match?"

What This Means

Lynch stated in an interview with Cathy Kelley that making friends isn't all that fun to watch and that she needs to be calling out everyone and getting in their faces. She's certainly done that. But, while trying to call out Beth Phoenix, she ran into Edge and he's not letting her off the hook very quickly.

If this goes on, someone's feelings are bound to get hurt and fans won't know where the line gets crossed between these guys working each other and really taking a personal jab. Maybe that's already happened.

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