Becky Lynch Calls Out WWE For Misspelling Her Name

Becky Lynch has really embraced her heel character. Among being one of the most unforgiving women on television, as of late, she's calling out WWE for tweets that incorrectly spell her name.

Since turning heel, Lynch has taken leaps in terms of her popularity and progression in WWE. For some time, she was touted as one of the future female stars of the company only to lose her spot to the likes of Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Ronda Rousey. Not one to sit around and let others steal her moment, she's been working a program with Charlotte Flair and after a series of losses, she'd had enough and took what she felt belonged to her, which was an opportunity at the SmackDown Live's Women's Title, eventually winning it at Hell in a Cell.

During her character transition, Lynch has had all sorts of things to say about Flair. She'd yet to take aim at the fans or the company, but that appears to have changed as after a recent tweet by WWE that misspelled her name, Lynch took to calling out the company by saying, "Dopes. If is too hard to spell just call me Queen. First name Yaaaaas." Just days prior, she'd suggested Flair call her the queen as well.

Clearly, the company goofed up and was so embarrassed by the mistake they removed the original tweet. They reposted another tweet in its place and got her name correct but by then, Lynch had seized the opportunity to further her persona as the no-nonsense, pull-no-punches star she's become. It's exactly the type of thing Lynch should be watching for.

Likely unintentional, WWE may not like their social media department is tweeting posts that spell their superstar's names wrong but they have to love the initiative being taken by their new SmackDown Women's champion.


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