Becky Lynch Calls Sasha Banks Out For Terrible Raw Promo

Sasha Banks opened Raw on Monday but before being attacked by Natalya, she struggled with a promo, likely meant to start the show addressing the most buzz-worthy storyline of the company. "The Man" didn’t let Banks’ struggles go unnoticed.

The Boss had been gone for four months and only just returned to WWE a couple of weeks ago. If the promo she tried to deliver in the ring was any indication of what she might have been working on while away, some might argue it wasn’t her mic skills. Not known as someone who couldn't deliver a worthwhile speech, Banks had a difficult time on Monday night.

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She struggled to get through explaining where she’d been and why she was gone. Ready to address the rumors or her having a fit at WrestleMania 35, she said it was true. She specifically cited the rumor she was crying on the floor of the locker room. While she stayed away for months and said nothing, everyone else said Banks took her ball and went home. She agreed but said it wasn't for the reasons people assumed. Instead, Sasha walked out of WWE because Lynch got to main event the pay-per-view while Banks was relegated to wrestling in a tag match and defending tag titles she didn’t care about at all.

Banks was waiting for her opportunity to return and used "poor little one-armed Natalya" as her excuse.

Meanwhile, Lynch was watching Banks try to deliver her dialogue and chimed in on Twitter saying, “Pity you can’t promo in emo memes and song lyrics too, huh?” This, of course, was in references to the strange tweets Banks was known for putting out during her absence. Many of her social media posts left people confused.

What This Means

Banks had a strong match with Nattie later in the show and proved that in the ring she’s among the best. That said, if Banks expects to hang with Lynch throughout the buildup of their feud, she’s going to need to improve her promo work since Lynch is notorious for taking those who can’t hang to the cleaners.

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