Becky Lynch Calls Out Charlotte Flair For Photoshopping Her Head Onto Britney Spears' Body

We might not have noticed that Charlotte Flair's latest Twitter post was not-so-subtly photoshopped, but Becky Lynch certainly did.

Ever since Becky Lynch turned at SummerSlam and really found her feet in WWE, nobody has been safe. That goes for both in the ring and on social media. In fact, it applies to the latter much more. Many stars have stepped up to The Man on Twitter and all of them have fallen by the wayside.

No one has taken more punishment from Lynch on social media than Charlotte Flair. The Lass Kicker has taken shots at her former best friend's comebacks, career, legacy, and even hinted at the enhancement surgery The Queen took some time off for in 2018. However, Lynch's latest social media shot at Flair might well be the best of all, and we don't know how the seven-time Champion can possibly come back from it.


On Monday, Flair tweeted about that aforementioned legacy. She admits that it gave her a headstart, but since then she has had to carry the weight of being Ric Flair's daughter on her back. Along with the tweet, The Queen posted a photo of herself in a photoshopped room that features all of the accolades she has won so far in her career. However, that wasn't the only part of the image that has been altered.

An eagle-eyed Lynch astutely spotted that the body in the picture doesn't belong to Flair at all. It is actually the body of Britney Spears, and The Man posted the original photo of the pop icon as proof. It is pretty undeniable proof too as you can see. Along with the snap of Spears, Lynch wrote "she's moved on to stealing other people's bodies now."

Upon first glance, this all seems like absolute madness. However, there is an explanation as to why Flair would post such a photo. First of all, she did not create it. The picture was a fan-made one and that fan has responded to all of the commotion surrounding its posting. Still, with Lynch always lurking on Twitter, if you are a rival of hers then the last thing you want to do is provide her with more ammo. That's exactly what Flair did here.


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