Becky Lynch Is Well Aware Of What WWE Is Trying To Do With Charlotte Flair

WWE is trying to recreate the hype surrounding Becky Lynch with Charlotte Flair. That has not gone unnoticed by The Man.

Why is it that whenever someone the entire WWE Universe can get behind receives a push, they suffer an untimely injury? Okay, not every time, but more often than we would like. Take Finn Balor. for example. The first month of his main roster run could not have gone any better. A win over Roman Reigns on night one and Universal Champion by SummerSlam.

Then, shoulder injury. Since his return, Balor has wallowed in the mid-card, way below where he deserves to be. What we now fear is the same happening to his fellow Irish wrestler, Becky Lynch. The Lass Kicker has generated a massive amount of support and fans couldn't wait to see her take on Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Sadly, thanks to Nia Jax, that did not happen.


Charlotte Flair took up the mantle instead and lost to The Rowdy One. Not because she was pinned or submitted, but because she got disqualified. As terrific as that post-match beating was, once the dust had settled, it was obvious what WWE was trying to do. Since that slot was intended for Lynch, WWE just went ahead and had Flair do exactly what they had planned for the SmackDown Women's Champion.

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It has not gone unnoticed by fans, and it has definitely not gone unnoticed by Lynch. Earlier this week, The Man changed her Twitter bio to read "My bank called said someone who was pretending to be me wanted to withdraw $100,000 'to pay a fine wooooo.' I have no idea who that was." A clear shot at Flair who was fined by Paige on this week's SmackDown Live. She has since changed her bio but you can read what it said for yourselves above.

The length of time Lynch will remain on the sidelines is currently unclear. We're assuming that it won't be very long since the Irish Superstar hasn't had to relinquish her title. As good a heel as Flair is, however, you can't simply slot her into the position that Lynch occupied up until two weeks ago. Although, Flair was cheered at Survivor Series and Rousey was booed, so what do we know?


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