• Becky Lynch isn't ruling out a switch to MMA in the future. 1 / 7

  • The WWE superstar has been tipped for stardom by a savvy MMA coach. 2 / 7

  • And he believes she'd be a great fighter if he got to train her for a year. 3 / 7

  • Becky was asked for a comment on the subject at the ESPYs on Wednesdays and she credited Ronda Rousey as a huge motivator. 4 / 7

  • 'If it's one thing that I learned fighting with Ronda Rousey is that I can take quite a beating but I always get back up. Somebody tell me I can’t do it, I’ll do it. I will be in there next week.' 5 / 7

  • Will she follow in the footsteps of CM Punk, Bobby Lashley and Jack Swagger? We'll just have to wait and see. 6 / 7

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