Becky Lynch Responds To Hulk Hogan's 'Take Over' Threat

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch has sent a reply Hulk Hogan's way following the veteran's threat to take over the show during Monday night's Reunion Special.

The Hulkster is one of several legends who will be part of the event, joining the likes of Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin as WWE brings the stars of yesteryear back for a single night. But he seems to want to be part of the furniture moving forward and has suggested that he and his fellow legends could fashion a hostile takeover and run things.

"For some reason, I saw this last night I thought of the #RawReunion, brother, the red/yellow/black color scheme made my mind kick start with a crazy thought, what if the Reunion Superstars got together and said enough is enough and just took over the whole WWE and Ruled4 Life," he tweeted.

He's right about one thing: that is a pretty crazy thought. And the tweet has fallen afoul of The Man, who seems less than impressed with the idea.

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Lynch, known for her strong social media presence, has since responded to Hogan. “Yeah, that doesn’t work for me, Brother,” she tweeted back.

Things could get really interesting on Raw this Monday and it's highly unlikely that the Reunion will go down without some fireworks. For one, Mick Foley has already let fans know he will be looking to become 24/7 Champion and Hulk's "crazy thought" just might see it's way to reality, with at least an attempt at a coup.

Becky, though, won't stand idly by if push comes to shove and will be involved in some way if Hogan tries anything.

It seems like Monday's episode of Raw will hold some intrigue and many fans can't wait to see what Paul Heyman has in store. Who knows? maybe he'll get thrown out by the old guys and be out of his new job just weeks after landing it.

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