Becky Lynch Hand Picks Charlotte To Take Her Survivor Series Spot Against Ronda Rousey

After it was announced Becky Lynch would not be medically cleared to compete at Survivor Series on Sunday, Lynch chose Charlotte to take her place.

Tuesday's SmackDown Live opened with the announcement Lynch had suffered a broken face and concussion during the mele on Monday's Raw that closed the show. A stiff punch by Nia Jax had taken her out of the equation when it came to her match against Ronda Rousey and as the show opened, the announce team said a replacement would be named later.

By the time the first hour of the show had closed, general manager of SmackDown Live, Page, had brought the entire female roster to the ring and then introduced Lynch who was going to have the opportunity to choose her replacement.

Lynch made sure before she announced her replacement that she got her final two cents in. Saying she was angry that WWE wouldn't clear her to perform, she still would have kicked Rousey's a$$, then suggested to Rousey, “You’re not the baddest b*tch, you’re the luckiest”. Saying she'd get her chance sometime down the road, Lynch then turned to the women standing in the ring behind her, walked up and down the lineup and chose Charlotte as her replacement.

In a moment that was both touching, referenced Lynch and Charlotte's past feuds and may have opened the door to an angle down the road, Lynch said to Charlotte, do what I know you can do. The two embraced, Lynch whispered what was likely words of encouragement to her real-life friend and left the ring.

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What This Means

This is not what WWE wanted but this isn't a long-term hurdle for Lynch. In fact, the image of her wanting to fight anyway, lifting the belt with her black eye and nailing her lines only added to the mystique and buzz that surrounds her right now.

Charlotte will likely lose to Rousey and unfortunately, it may affect whatever program the two were bound to have down the line, but Charlotte is the most obvious candidate to challenge Rousey today.

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