Becky Lynch Reacts To Ric Flair Trying To Trademark "The Man"

Becky Lynch has weighed in on Ric Flair claiming he's The Man as Naitch attempts to not only coin the phrase but trademark it.

The ascension of Becky Lynch over the past year or more has been an incredible ride to be a part of. Ever since her turn at SummerSlam last year, The Man has done it all. Won both Women's Championships, beaten Ronda Rousey, headlined WrestleMania. She has earned the right to call herself The Man, although it seems that one person doesn't think so.

A little less than two weeks ago, Ric Flair tweeted that he hated to break it to Lynch, but he's The Man. He also included Taylor Swift in the tweet due to her most recent release, also titled The Man. A harmless and quite amusing tweet all by itself, but Naitch didn't leave it there. Turns out he is trying to trademark the phrase so that nobody else can continue to use it.

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Flair should have consulted his daughter before starting a Twitter beef with Lynch. Charlotte knows all too well how sharp and scathing The Lass Kicker can be in 280 characters or less. When it comes to the dispute over who is The Man, Lynch has been surprisingly quiet. After news of the trademark leaked, Lynch tweeted "I am The Man" and thus far, that has been about it.

So what will it mean exactly if Flair's trademark is successful? Well, Swift is probably safe. She can hardly unrelease a song. However, chances are she won't be able to release merch with the phrase "The Man" on it, and neither will Lynch. In fact, the trademark filing reads that the phrase will be used for wrestling exhibitions and appearances. That's certainly no accident.

Considering how close Lynch and Charlotte are behind the scenes, we're surprised Flair has gone about trademarking the phrase in this way. We're also under the impression that Naitch and Lynch and good friends too. Perhaps it is something they have discussed, hence the lack of butting heads on Twitter. Honestly, we don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if Lynch can no longer call herself the man. A chance to freshen up might be just what she needs heading into 2020.

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