Becky Lynch Says WWE Can't Ignore Lynch and Rollins Relationship

Becky Lynch recently commented on WWE using hers and Seth Rollins' relationship in a tv storyline. She said it was hard to ignore.

In short, it sounds like during an interview with Guidelive.com, the current RAW Women's Champion said, when you have two champions dating each other, it's hard to work around that since both are such focal points of the program.

"That's something that came about recently," Lynch revealed. "I think seeing the potential to have two top stars fighting side by side as champions is something that we couldn't really ignore, so here we are."

The idea of WWE pushing the romance between Lynch and Rollins has been slowly building over the past few weeks as the two would share glances walking down the hallways, stopping and pausing to wish each other luck and other things that demonstrated them being a couple. It wasn't until Stomping Grounds and Raw the next night that WWE seemed to go all-in with the idea of making them an item that teams up.

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During a match with Baron Corbin, Rollins was subject to a two-on-one attack from Corbin and Lacey Evans until Lynch made the save. Then on Raw, the two champs started the show and accepted a challenge of Winner Takes All for Extreme Rules. A little pat on the bum by Lynch to Rollins and a holding of the ropes when he went to exit the ring and away things went.

Moving forward, it appears the two will be used together often.

What This Means

Her relationship with Rollins hasn't changed her individual goal, which is to main event WrestleMania in a singles match. As one of the most popular stars in WWE today, it would be hard to say that isn't possible considering everything she's done up to this point in her wrestling career.

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