Becky Lynch Says WWE Has Directed Her To Go Easy On Rousey On Social Media

Becky Lynch recently tweeted another shot at Ronda Rousey, this time saying WWE has directed Lynch to go easier on Rousey when using social media.

While this is probably all still part of the storyline that is building between Lynch and Rousey toward WrestleMania 35, it's another example of this feud crossing over that line between television and real life. Certainly, fans are not going to know if Lynch's comments that WWE has her ease up on Rousey who is, perhaps, legitimately getting upset is real or not.

But, even when Lynch is saying WWE is telling her to take it easy, she's not exactly doing it.

In a recent tweet Lynch wrote, "Look how tough they are. RAWRRRRR. But, I'm told to go easier on them because they're getting upset. She added the hashtag #truestory and then ironically changed Travis Brown's t-shirt to read "Ronda fears Becky."

Fans ate up the tweet and .gifs flooded the comments with laughter as many caught the subtle change to Brown's shirt. This photo was taken after he (Rousey's husband) got involved in the action this past Monday on Raw, seemingly the only person who could calm Rousey down.

What This Means

Even if WWE is telling Lynch to ease up (which they probably aren't), Lynch is having a blast with this. Even with subtle jabs she's winning the social media war in a major way. All the while, she's becoming more popular in WWE and fueling the fire to the question as to why Charlotte Flair is even part of this match at all. Rousey and Lynch certainly have enough heat to make this one of the most-watched females singles matches of all time.

With only a couple weeks left until WrestleMania 35, expect the battle on Twitter to keep going.

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