[VIDEO] Watch Becky Lynch Hit Steve Austin With A Perfect Stunner

To be The Man, you've got to beat the man. And if she can't put Ric Flair in a Figure Four, Becky Lynch is going to put a Stunner on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

While her night on Raw ended pretty badly as the Boss 'n' Hug connection served her a steel-chair beating, with Bayley completing a heel turn on the most recent show, she looked a whole lot healthier on Austin's new show that aired after Raw.

The WWE Hall of Famer is now the host of a new TV show on which he interviews celebrities while drinking beer and doing other things that Steve Austin would normally do. The show, dubbed Straight Up Steve Austin, featured Lynch on Monday night. She would end things by administering an inch-perfect Stunner to knock her host out cold.

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If we're being fair here, this is quite a glorious Stunner which would probably make Kevin Owens jealous. Of course, it helps that no one knows how to sell a Stunner like Austin and the beer mist only served to make it better to watch (we can watch this all day).

The Nature Boy recently called Lynch out on Twitter form branding herself "The Man" and there are rumors that the legend is trying to get the phrase trademarked as he was called that back in the day. But she deserves to keep the title after that, right?

Who Deserves To Use The Stunner Now?

If anything, Becky has proven that she can hang with the best. It's not often you get to see a current star putting a legend through his own finishing move with such poise. Owens has permission from Austin to use the move but Becky looks like a real natural and should probably be the one to serve Stunners up moving forward.

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