Bayley Cashes In Her Newly Won Contract At Money In The Bank

Becky Lynch had the tall order of defending two titles in separate matches at Money In The Bank. Could The Man pull off the improbable?

Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair made history at WrestleMania. However, The Man made a little more history than the other two. That's because Lynch was the one who picked up the win and left the biggest show of the year with two championships. In keeping with her character, Lynch vowed to defend both titles at Money In The Bank.

Lacey Evans challenged her for the Raw Women's Title, while her old foe Flair got a shot at the SmackDown Women's Title. Evans' match was up first, and it went a lot longer than Lynch would have liked. Even though the double champ won, she took quite the beating. To make matters worse, shortly after the bell rang, Flair's music began to play.


Turns out Lynch's title matches weren't only on the same night, but they were back to back. Despite The Lass Kicker being exhausted, The Queen still needed a helping hand to beat her. While the official's back was turned, Evans returned to the ring and laid out Lynch. That opened the door for Flair to roll back in the ring and pick up the win, becoming a nine-time Women's Champion in the process.

The Queen's celebrations were cut incredibly short, though. After the match, Evans and Flair decided to celebrate by continuing to beat down Lynch. Cue Bayley with her newly won MITB contract in hand. After getting the better of Flair, and disposing of Evans, The Hugger cashed in. One big elbow drop later and Flair's ninth title reign came to an abrupt end.

So in summary, as a lot happened in a very short space of time, Lynch is still Raw Women's Champion, Flair enjoyed an extremely short ninth reign, and Bayley is SmackDown Women's Champion. That makes the landscape of the women's division a little confusing. Is The Man now a Raw Superstar? We guess with the wildcard rule in place, things like that don't matter right now anyway.


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