Becky Lynch Reveals Her WWE Tryout Was 'Absolutely Awful', Explains Why She Calls Herself The Man

Becky Lynch says her tryout for WWE was not as good as we'd have probably expected. In fact, it was "absolutely awful".

Lynch is now one of the top names in the industry and her star hasn't stopped rising. The superstar recently became the first WWE wrestler to make ESPN the Magazine's cover and her future appears to be very bright.

The 32-year-old knows her way around a ring pretty well and seems to be a natural. But, according to a recent revelation, what she's managed to accomplish in her career so far is the result of hard work and not talent.

“I was so bad, absolutely awful," she told ESPN on her tryout. "I deserved to fail because I was completely unathletic, uncoordinated. But there was just something about wrestling … I loved it so much. And I knew I wanted to dedicate everything to it … [I was] the most unathletic.

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"It’s crazy how your formative years shape the person you are. I still think of myself as that little chubby kid that broke the swing while the other kids made fun.”

Becky began training to be a wrestler back in 2002 and apparently didn't think she was good enough - yet she has since become "The Man", a moniker she's been going by for some time, although she's quite clearly female.

“For me, the top person, the person of the most extraordinary ability, has always been referred to as ‘The Man’," she explained. "And until this moment, that person of exceptional ability has always been a man. So when I broke out and started claiming my status as the top dog in WWE, I started referring to myself as ‘The Man.'”

Becky is now one of the most popular WWE stars around despite her clumsy start. Her story is one shared by many greats from all sorts of disciplines: never give up on something you love doing (even if you suck at it).

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