Becky Lynch's Response To Vince Russo Might Be Her Best Tweet To Date

Vince Russo isn't often lost for words, but there really wasn't much he could have possibly said in response to Becky Lynch's tweet this week.

WWE's Four Horsewomen seem to be taking it in turns when it comes to one of them being edged out of the spotlight. When Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch were called up to the main roster, Bayley was left in NXT. While Flair and Banks made history every single week, Lynch faded into the background on SmackDown. Now, Banks is the one who is absent having not wrestled since WrestleMania.

Meanwhile, Lynch has been killing it since last year's SummerSlam all the way up until right now. Winning championships, headlining WrestleMania, and becoming the only person to ever beat Ronda Rousey. Equally as impressive as her exploits in the ring have been The Man's shots on Twitter.

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Some of Lynch's social media victims have included Alexa Bliss, Conor McGregor and yes, even her beloved Seth Rollins. The latest person the Raw Women's Champion chose to interact with was Vince Russo, and it might well be our favorite tweet from her to date. After Extreme Rules, Russo tweeted that the PPV should have ended with The Man screwing Rollins. The former WWE writer wrote if Becky Lynch would have screwed Seth Rollins last night--we would have been OFF TO THE RACES."

Since Lynch was tagged in the post, she saw it and decided to reply. She wrote just two words, "I did." As replies go, this one is pretty hilarious, and what are you supposed to say to that? Anyone who knows Russo will know that he is not often rendered speechless. On this occasion, we think he might have been. He replied to Lynch's reply with an even shorter tweet, "TOUCHE!"

As for Lynch and Rollins working together on-screen, it seems as if WWE might be moving away from that for the time being. Both Superstars' matches are set for SummerSlam, and it seems unlikely that their professional paths will cross between now and then. Rollins faces another showdown with Brock Lesnar, while Lynch will do battle with one of her oldest friends, Natalya.

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