The Bellas And IIconics Spar On Twitter Over Nonexistent Women's Tag Titles

Even though the Bellas appear tangled in the latest news of Nikki Bella and John Cena's relationship ending, there appears to be time for Nikki and Brie to mix things up with a couple of the newcomers to WWE programming. The Iiconics and the Bellas have begun a bit of a Twitter spat over the ideas of Paige creating Women's Tag Titles on SmackDown Live.

WWE posted the question on social media. "Women's TagTitles? A championship that needs to be defended each week? This is just the BEGINNING of what we'd like to see @RealPaigeWWE instate as new #SDLive GM!"

While in the middle of her drama with Cena, Nikki Bella took the time to respond to the tweet saying, "Brie and I would love to put the SnapBack, Nike kicks, jersey, flannel, headband, and twin power back on in that WWE ring! Feeling pretty ICONIC." It was an interesting response on many levels.

First, it suggested that in midst of all this breakup stuff with Cena, the Bellas are still thinking about WWE and wrestling for the company. Perhaps not wanting to sit idle while Cena moves on in Hollywood, Nikki might want to get back on the road and working again. Second, she used the words ICONIC, which are synonymous with two new arrivals on the WWE main roster.

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Those two women are Billie Kay and Peyton Royce and neither took too kindly to the Bellas using their catchphrase. Known as the Iiconics in WWE, the wink at the end of Nikki's post might have been a friendly invitation for Royce and Kay to get in on the conversation which of course they did.

It's an interesting debate since Women's Tag Titles don't exist at this point in WWE, but beyond that, it might be more telling that Nikki Bella wants to potentially get back to working with WWE and the Iiconics seem happy to help welcome her and his sister Brie should they dare try.

Fans would be more than happy to see the Bellas in WWE again and a tag division for the women could be an interesting way to go for WWE.

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